Digital Fueling

Entrepreneurship Development in Islamic Personality

Launching your own business under Sharia compliance without investment is not difficult. All you need is consistency, basic skills, Ikhlas and the right direction.

Those who want to learn business techniques should read the book and watch all videos. Keep in mind; that, information in the video and in the book is not always overlapping. Few concepts that are missed in video lectures are addressed in the book as well.

Our Mission

To help Muslims to step into business by training them regarding basic business techniques and ways to implement Sharia in business with ikhlas

digital fueling services
digital fueling services

Our Vision

1) Develop an entrepreneur’s mindset
2) Help & train to launch 1st business without investment
3) Every business person should learn about Sharia and implement Sharia in their business to please Allah
4) Our business opens the door for non-muslims to embrace Islam