Digital Fueling

Bilal Ahmed

Bilal Ahmed

Senior Content Manager

My journey with Digital Fueling began in 2022, yet it had a lasting influence on my life and profession. The essential lessons I learned early on impacted my attitude to work, relationships, and personal development.

I’ll start by introducing myself and how I got into the world of digital fueling. I came from a middle-class family, and ever since I was a teenager, I’ve aspired to better myself and find a leadership position. I didn’t have mentors from the beginning, both in my academic and professional careers. I studied independently and earned my bachelor’s degree in International Relations in 2016.

I had a lot of difficulty finding the best route for my future journey. My life was like a rolling stone.

In early 2018, I got the opportunity of lecturership on a contractual basis in a college from where I graduated. Every day, I went to college and took my classes with the aim that my job would be permanent one day. However, when one of my teachers offered me a part-time content writing job in 2019, my professional career changed swiftly.

I initially hesitated but eventually accepted an offer as a content writer at IT Park Abbottabad after realizing I had time post-college and could make more income. Soon after, I took on another part-time writing job at a different software company for a year. On October 25, 2022, I joined Digital Fueling in the same role. In December 2022, my college contract ended, and I transitioned to full-time work at Digital Fueling, setting off an adventure that I wondered about throughout my life.

A Turning Point in My Journey – Stepping into the Business World

Before joining Digital Fueling, my journey entailed job roles, content creation, and exposure to various environments. However, the real turning point came when I became a content writer at Digital Fueling. The company provided me with new challenges, opportunities to learn, and a growth platform. My journey with Digital Fueling allowed me to explore new possibilities and aim for higher goals. Let me share a brief story: Saad Bhai recognized my abilities and encouraged me to step away from my regular 9-to-5 job to become a business partner. But I have many concerns regarding potential losses and uncertainty; one day, Saad bhai entered my room, having my colleagues sitting next to me working on their projects, and Said, “I’ll be investing on Bilal’s behalf, and we’ll deduct it from his salary. This decision is final.” These words empowered me to make up my mind, unleashing my hidden potential, and I stepped into the business world.

This story highlights the importance of motivation and support. Just as I received encouragement, I’m committed to offering the same to my team and clients in the future. We all thrive when we have a helping hand and someone who believes in our capabilities.

Lessons Learned: Persistence and Commitment

Through Digital Fueling, I discovered the power of persistence and long-term relationships. I really liked that the company’s culture was based on commitment and loyalty. Saad Aslam’s leadership emphasized the importance of determination and client satisfaction. 

Shared Values: Hard Work and Halal Earning

The values I loved in Digital Fueling are – The emphasis on hard work, long-term relationships, commitment, and halal earning. This matched my ideals, so my personal beliefs and Digital Fueling’s core principles fit together.

Aiding My Dream: Digital Fueling’s Role

Digital Fueling helped me to realize my entrepreneurial dreams. The company’s business structure provided me with insights and ideas for growth. Beyond that, it connected me with like-minded individuals and mentors like Saad Bhai. This shift in perspective from a job-focused mindset to a business-oriented approach was a turning point. With Digital Fueling’s support, I gained the confidence to face challenges, seize opportunities, and get a path toward my aspirations.

Capitalizing on Strengths

My journey with Digital Fueling also highlighted my strengths. I recognized my ability to maintain loyalty, foster long-term relationships, solve problems, understand my surroundings, and work effectively within a team. Consistency, hard work, and treating everyone with respect became my guiding principles.

The Value I Bring: Client Perspective

From a client’s perspective, I stand ready to handle a wide range of tasks with a result-oriented approach. My strengths allow me to run the extra mile to bring results and develop long-term client relationships.

Mental Approach to Clients

My approach is firmly rooted in building long-term relationships when dealing with clients. I believe in fostering trust and dependability, evolving from being a service provider to a trustworthy partner. Through teamwork, devotion, and consistent effort, I strive to exceed client expectations while building enduring relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

The Real Me and Digital Fueling: A Partnership

Reflecting on my journey, I realize that Digital Fueling is not just a workplace but a partnership based on shared values and aspirations. From my role as a content writer to an entrepreneur, Saad Bhai’s mentorship and guidance have been invaluable. His leadership style, characterized by mentorship and empowerment, has shaped my growth, and his emphasis on ethical values and entrepreneurship has strengthened my views.

Leading the Way and Giving Back

With Saad Bhai’s example before me, I strive to lead by contributing positively to my team. My priorities are encouraging lifelong learning, presenting new ideas, and fostering an open-for-all atmosphere. As Saad Bhai has helped me grow, I aim to uplift and develop my team members, aligning with Digital Fueling’s philosophy. The way we do hard work for our clients is in the same way we focus on our team’s growth and development. We value our team member’s personal and professional growth just as much as our client’s success. We strive for a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership with you, and we do the same for the development and happiness of our team members.

A Bright Future

As I look ahead, I’m excited to continue contributing to Digital Fueling’s growth. The journey has been one of empowerment, transformation, and alignment with values. Digital Fueling has provided me with opportunities and shaped my path as an entrepreneur and a professional. With Saad Bhai’s guidance and my team’s support, this partnership will lead to even greater achievements in the years to come.