Digital Fueling

Saad Aslam

Saad Aslam

Team Builder

I have been launching different businesses since 2010. Did master’s in Entrepreneurship and enrolled in Ph.D. program in 2014; my focus was to develop an academic career, but in 2017, after completing my research analysis for Ph.D. degree, I faced a conflict at university that led to the cancellation of my Ph.D, degree and the faculty job in December 2017.

So, in December 2017, I entered into business and launched multiple startups but needed help to get a breakthrough. Right after the COVID-19 lockdown, I launched digital fueling with a team of sincere and honest people.

The company grew very fast, and our Team became more professional.

Now, as a team, we are developing new people and increasing our Team.

Our philosophy is we work with people.

Those who work with us, Our Team, We want them to follow Sharia principles in business, and we want them to develop and grow.

Those who give us projects, Our Clients – We try to help them – get results; we want them to be profitable. Get maximum business from their niche.

We are Khairkhowa, of Our Clients & Our Team.

We have learned that we need to trust people, give them space, not judge them, but understand them and love them.

Business is not for earning Money; Money is the by-product, it will come along. We do business under Sharia principles to please Allah, and want jobseekers to learn how to do business.

One can’t do anything alone; teamwork gives extraordinary results—a team of people with similar purposes, well-defined principles, and the same values.

Team members with same purpose work as well oiled machine parts, synchronized together, moving in the same direction.

I am surrounded by sincere, pious people who want to help others. They pray regularly; they follow Sharia. They guide me and give directions.