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Adas Surgical Instruments
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Date Started

June 2023


Adas Surgcial


Surgcial and Healthcare



Overview Project

Digital Fueling, we are excited to present our website design and development project for Adas Surgical, a leading name in surgical instruments and medical equipment manufacturing in Sialkot. Our mission was to optimize the website to mirror the excellence of Adas Surgcial’s craftsmanship and provide an online shopping experience, including secure payment methods.

Client Overview:

Adas Surgcial is a distinguished manufacturer renowned for producing top-quality surgical instruments. Their commitment to superior craftsmanship and innovation has positioned them as a reputable player in the industry.

Our Collaboration:

We optimize the Adas Surgcial Website to translate the legacy of surgical manufacturing into a digital experience. We optimized their website to rank higher in SERPs, and it took us three months to get the results. Now, we want to maintain and result at this peak point.


This website resulted in a dynamic website that serves as an influential online catalog for Adas Surgical instruments and establishes a robust digital presence for their brand, complete with a secure and user-friendly payment process.