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Digital Fueling School Management System (DFSMS)

DFSMS is a comprehensive school automation software, offering a full range of features for managing all aspects of educational institutions. It streamlines administrative tasks, facilitates departmental connectivity, and enables schools to prioritize their core mission of delivering quality education. This user-friendly, cost-effective, and web-based solution efficiently handles student, parent, teacher, and faculty needs. From enrolment to attendance tracking, exam management, accounting, HR, and report card generation, DFSMS covers every essential aspect seamlessly.

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Overview of Digital Fueling School Management System

DFSMS offers numerous features, some of which are highlighted below.


The software supports multiple campus management, including courses, subjects, and class management, along with the implementation of rules and policies, the creation of lesson plans, and the organization of alumni events. Additionally, it offers synchronization capabilities with both the Internet and Internet servers.


The system facilitates student record management, teacher profile management, supporting and administrative staff management, parent record management, resources management (including inventory and transport), and hostel management.​


The system provides a student-teacher-parent community console for communication, manages events and holidays, displays notices on a virtual notice board, and enables users to send emails, SMS messages, and receive news updates.


The software handles fees management, exams management, attendance management, and remarks management seamlessly, ensuring efficient administration of these essential school functions.


The software automates timetable generation, certificate generation, and ID card generation processes.


The software includes library management functionality to organize and organize library operations efficiently.

For a clearer understanding, explore the overview of portal management.

DFSMS Portal Management

Parent Portal

Provides parents with access to their child's academic progress, attendance, and communication with teachers.

Student Portal

Allows students to view their academic records, and assignments, and communicate with teachers.

Teacher Portal

Enables teachers to manage classes, assignments, and grades, and communicate with students and parents.

Librarian Portal

Supports library management, including cataloguing books, managing loans, and tracking library resources

Accountant Portal

Handles financial transactions, and fee management, and generates financial reports for the institution.

Administration Portal

Manages overall system settings and administrative tasks.


It is an online cloud-based school ERP. What makes it even better is its continuous enhancement, ensuring you receive automatic updates whenever a new feature is introduced.

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