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Hassan Tanoli

Hassan Tanoli

Hassan Tanoli

Project Manager

A guy came from a small town, a backward area of Haripur, where necessary education was unavailable. My family moved to Abbottabad when I was 9. I started education again and did SSC and FSc in English medium college. I was fortunate enough to begin my digital journey in Fsc. I started writing content for blogging websites that helped me strengthen my English language skills.

After my FSc, I joined the university for a BS and completed it in Computer science. Side by side, I started learning about digital skills, like blogging, Google AdSense, WordPress, SEO, and Facebook ads. I created content writing properly again after 16 years of education to pursue my career as a copywriter.

I read many books and started practicing my copywriting skills, but I also needed finances to cover my expenses. I started part-time freelancing and created a data entry job at a small warehouse.

I am a guy who loves to see the backend of everything and each business and try to learn about them. I want to know about everything from start to end.

I got tired and bored because my mind didn’t accept staying in the same place for six or more months without any growth.

I feel bored doing the same thing repeatedly; now, I need to go back to the digital world. I started marketing on Amazon and started to cover my expenses, then started content writing and took classes for copywriting. I started web development, but after a while, I felt bored every time.

This time, I need proper mentorship to start with the skill and launch my own business (I need to be built as a Sarkari noker). My friends recommended I apply on Indeed to get a primary job and then learn more and more. I got hired by a local marketing agency as a content writer and copywriter. I work for them for a week.

The coming week changed my life and took me to today, where I am; I received an interview call from Saad Aslam, founder of Digital Fuerling. I took a short break from my previous agency and met Saad Aslam Sahb. I joined Digital Fueling after realizing he has the vision to develop educated people to launch their businesses. This is what I have been looking for for years. I have multiple skills, including web development, SEO, simple graphic design, content writing, and copywriting. In simple words, I am a problem-solver.

Although I have skills related to content writing, I got hired as a manager every month to look after all the projects. As I was approving written content, ad graphics, citations, and reports, I gained more self-confidence.

The owner of Digital Fueling – Saad Bhai – started talking with me about business and launching their agency; as I was already onto it, I started getting his word. He presents the vision for 2023 to develop six people who will pitch their businesses. At that time, I was the only person who understood his vision and invested my precious time.

He allowed me to handle an entire team, leading the execution part, and then he added me to the client’s chat group to learn how to chat with clients, deal with them, execute a project, and more.

He also gives me an opportunity for hands-on experience with one of his clients. With time, I learn more things daily and grow myself to hunt a client.

Start marketing, then the primary response to the client. He attended the sales call, and I took care of the execution part.

After a successful launch and signup of clients, I was the first person to fulfill his goal. Now, I am ready to take on the following vision. The vision for 2024 is to develop 100 persons like Hassan who launch their own business in 1 – 1.5 years without any investment.

I am already on Vision 2024 and will provide you with free web development skills for this platform.