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Maryam Murtaza

Maryam Murtaza Digital Fueling

Maryam Murtaza

SEO Team Lead

My journey began with digital fueling in August 2022. I’m sharing a chapter from my life – a journey intertwined with growth, learning, and transformation. Digital Fueling sparked something inside me, the spirit of entrepreneurship. Their mentorship unlocked my potential.

Since my teenage years, I’ve aspired to achieve something meaningful. I consider myself fortunate to have had constant support from my family throughout my journey. In my upbringing, my parents prioritized girls’ education with great dedication.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in computer science at COMSATS University in 2021. After my graduation, I applied to various software houses in Lahore. However, I couldn’t join any of them due to some medical issues. In 2022, I learned SEO and began working from home in February 2022. I collaborated with different clients and then joined Digital Fueling in August 2022. After a three-month contract, I assumed the Local SEO team lead role.

With the help of Digital Fueling, I dared to start my entrepreneurial journey. Their insights and mentorship were like a roadmap for my success. My journey has been marked by continual growth. Their culture of learning became ingrained in my work ethic.