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Vision 2024

We want to develop an entrepreneurial culture among youth, | Businesses That Follow Sharia

What we do

We Develop Entrepreneurs

Then, we develop people who develop more entrepreneurs.

The tools we use for this are the internet services and marketing.

It’s just—a tool. For an entrepreneur, he can change the tool at any time.

Requirement: Your Focus – Consistency – Honesty – Hardworking & Belief on your Mentors 

There is No Shortcuts !! 

Our Focus / Our Priority


Our Team

Those who work with us

Our Clients

Those who gave us the project

ہم دونوں کے خیر خواہ ہیں

Team is working on project 3

Our Services for Sialkot

SEO | Local SEO | Graphics | Website Development | Amazon | Social Media Marketing | PPC | Ali Baba | Domain / Hosting 

boost your traffic and sales with digital fueling

Our Software's

School Management System | Marketing Software | Business Management Software’s (Accounts – HR) | Manufacturing Management Software’s | ERP Systems

Our Focus is to serve the Sialkot Exporters

We want to become the Internet Marketing Leader of Sialkot

For this, we want to train 100 Individuals to serve Sialkot. Sign up clients, serve them, give them results  

Ap nay Laj Rakhni hy (Khud Numai – Khud Pasandi) 

Team Development Process
  • 3-5 Months Internship 
  • 3-5 Months on job Training 
  • 3-5 Months Team Lead 
  • 3-5 Months Client Acquiring & Dealing 

What if you want to do the business on your own  | Go and do it; we are happy  

If you want to work with Digital Fueling | 50% profit and loss partnership  

Who will get the other 50% | The person who trained you. Open and Clear !!   

Who is the owner of Digital Fueling | All the team members, Only Saad owns the domain name

Who is in and Who is Out | Those who follow the rules are in – Those who break the rules are out 

One Suggestion for my niche

Focus on One business at a time

Think sportswear? Beat Adidas, Nike, and the whole gang!  

Surgical Instruments? beat Medtronic, BHN Surgical, 3M Company, Abbott  

Leather jackets? All Saints, Bel staff, Saint Laurent, Acne Studios  

Learn from J., MTJ, and Mini Minors – they built their brand. 💡  

Conquer your niche, and make Sialkot proud! 


Sky rocket your sales and business growth

Worldly Charm

Love of the World
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Mobile Manners

Leave it on the Table

Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

Minimize your expenses and stick to it

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